Community Manager

New York, United States


A brand and its products cannot be great without a strong, engaged community around it. As such, MUN needs to perfect the customer experience, which involves everything from the initial awareness of the company and its products, to the purchase, and advocacy to others (discovery, interaction, attraction, purchase, use, and cultivation). The Community Manager will be the "face" of the company, tasked with delivering the exceptional MUN experience to our community at large. The right candidate would create the best end-to-end experience that brings the most value to our followers and customers.

Most importantly, the right person for this role must be obsessed with continually looking for the best way answer to the following question: “How do we make customers want to be a part of the MUN community and feel good about it?”

Key Responsibilities:

-Manage Social Media community engagement and mediation.

-Contribute to Social Media and Blog content creation and curation.

-Oversee influencer seeding and collaborations.

-Develop and maintain a customer loyalty program.

-Help define the customer experience needed to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

-Work with internal & external partners to manage a seamless branded experience across all channels.

-Run the website's live chat.

-Demonstrate real customer experience results by defining and measuring key performance indicators.

-Ensure utmost customer and retailer satisfaction by creating and executing on customer care procedures.

-Prepare for trade shows and store events.


- Bachelor's Degree + 2 years of relevant work experience

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Working knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint

- Authorized to work in the U.S.



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